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On this page you can find reviews of some of the albums I own. The reason that there are no bad reviews simply is that I only put the very best releases here. So you can suppose that the ones which are not up to it won't even make it onto this page.

Reviewed 2009

Foot of the mountain
Released 12.06.2009

Released 20.03.2009

Crossing the Rubicon
Released 02.06.2009

Pet Shop Boys
Released 20.03.2009

Simple Minds
Graffiti Soul
Released 22.05.2009

Porcupine Tree
In absentia
Released 24.09.2002

Reviewed 05.04.2009

Per Gessle
Party Crasher
Released 08.12.2008

Rex the Dog
The Rex the Dog show
Released 29.08.2008
Per Gessle is back with a disco album, this time all sung in English language again. The songs are very danceable with occasional Reggae rhythms plus some ballads. As usual it's the master of songwriting at work here. Highlights are opening track 'Silly really', 'Hey, I died, and went to heaven' and the very beautiful closing track 'Doesn't make sense'.
This is a clubbing album with some 80s reminescences (e.g. Yazoo's Alison Moyet resurrecting in 'Bubblicious' aka 'Midnight'). It also features remixes of Swedish contemporaries 'The Knife' and 'The Sounds'. All in all it's a very well produced album and due to the rather melodic songwriting it also is a pleasurable listening experience at home.

Carpark North
Released 04.09.2008

Soil & "Pimp" Sessions
Released 13.07.2007
Carpark North deliver an outstanding 3rd album that rocks right from the start to the end. The synths are there again, sometimes even more dominant than on previous albums. Still, the songs are built on powerful guitar riffs, precise rhythms and clever melodies. Unfortunately the bass doesn't always cut through strong enough in the mix.
This extraordinary Japanese sextet brings Rock to Jazz (or is it the other way around?). The band consists of a rhythm section, a horn section plus a piano. However they do not follow the usual jazz traditions. It's much more rockier and diversified listening experience interspersed with stomping dance beats and joyful ballads.

Reviewed 14.09.2008

Late of the Pier
Fantasy black channel
Released 11.08.2008

Kelley Polar
I  need you to hold on while the sky is falling
Released 20.03.2008
This might cause a new hype. It starts of with some psychedelic 70s guitar harmonies, only to continue with a string of the most modern pop songs. Famous references are Franz Ferdinand ('Broken', 'Space and the wood' - outstanding bass line and great guitar riff) and MGMT ('Random firl', 'VW'). The highlight is probably 'Focker' with a great chorus around a distorted bass line that drops into a twisted electronic breakcore style towards the end. Violonist Kelley Polar presents an electronic album with strings and vocals. At times his songs recall Erlend Řye ('Entropy reigns', Rosenband'). The arrangements are generally kept simple and production is clean.

Shortwave Set
Replica sun machine
Released 02.05.2008

Oracular spectacular
Released 22.01.2008
This also comes somewhere out of the 70s. Above all this album lives on the great songwriting skills. Best among them are 'Harmonia', 'House of lies', 'Yesterdays to come' and 'Sun machine'. A splendid mixture of 70s guitar-pop and contemporary synthesizers. Carefully crafted, outstanding songs.

Midnight Juggernauts
Released 14.04.2008

Into a secret land
Released 24.10.1988
An album full of club anthems with - and now listen - great melodies and harmonies. 'Shadows' has got a stomping beat and sounds like a 70s disco anthem transported right into the new century. 'Road to discovery' is sort of Daft Punk with melodies. A very old one, this is Sandra at her peak. It's got 4 hit singles. Even though this definitely is an 80s album it has aged very well due to the use of some more Jarre-esque sounds rather than the typical 80s synthies presets that wore out pretty fast. One of the best Cretu productions.

Reviewed 18.05.2008
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Death in Athens
Released 28.03.2008
Amy Macdonald
This is the life
Released 30.08.2007
Eskobar are back with their best album since 'There's only now'. Very good melodies embedded in the typical Eskobar guitar lines. After a brillant start, the weaker though still great songs are in the middle of the album, only to come back better than ever towards the end with highlights such as 'One life' and 'Silver & gold'.
20 year old Amy Macdonald is the new Scottish folk-pop sensation. At times reminding fellow Scotts Travis, every song is a killer track here. Absolutely not to miss!

Adrian Solo
Adrian Solo
Released 29.02.2008
Peter von Poehl
Going to where the tea trees are
Released 18.10.2006
The lovebugs singer gone solo offers a brilliant reprise of some of the greatest 80s moments. Written, produced and all instruments played by Adrian himself proves there is no reason to hide his idols of earlier times. Nearly every song's got a catchy tune. Very quiet and sparse arrangements let the songs and melodies shine through. Highlights are 'Travelers', 'A broken skeleton key' and 'The story of the impossible'.

Brolle Jr
Paradise will wait
Released 13.10.2004

The vocals recall Elvis and Brolle also celebrates this with his haircut. The guitar-based pop music is close to Eskobar and singer Daniel Bellqvist has even written two songs on the album.

Reviewed 15.12.2007
Once upon a time in the west
Released 31.08.2007
Shout Out Louds
Our ill wills
Released 01.06.2007
Great pop/rock record with powerful arrangements.
A very dancable feel-good record, arranged around catching guitar riffs, supported by piano and violins. The voice resembles The Cure's Robert Smith whereas 'Normandie' might be a tad to close to plagiarism (Cure's 'Close to me') even though you might argue that Shout Out Louds did even better.

Life vest under my seat
Released 03.08.2007

Oh Laura
A song inside my head, a demon in my bed
Released 15.02.2007

Great songs supported by a strong vocal perfomance. The production relies on guitars throughout, sometimes subtle, sometimes cutting through. Nevertheless Maurice offers a rather pop oriented debut record. There are also quieter moments such as in 'Longing',  'Sonner or later' or 'Boulevard of sensation',  whereas 'Emmčne-moi' recalls Stephan Eicher at the time of 'Déjeuner en paix'. A typical Swedish pop-folk record with very strong songs. Highlights are the faster tracks like 'It ain't enough', 'Fine line', 'Out of bounds' and 'The mess you left behind'.

Reviewed 04.09.2007
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Belated (older releases)
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Trip the light fantastic
Released 25.05.2007
Paulina Rubio
Released 19.09.2006
Third album by Sophie Ellis-Bextor is pure feel good pop/dance record ŕ la Kylie. Occasionally some guitars ('Today the sun's on us', 'New York city lights', 'Love is here') add some sparkling elements to the otherwise rather synthetic disco production ('Me and my imagination', 'If I can't dance', 'Chinaheart').
Paulina is something like the Mexican Shakira. Her latest album is a solid pop-rock album and also her most consistent and diversified to date. It starts off with popular latin rock ('Ni una solo palabra', 'Nada puede cambiarme'). It then continues with latin pop ('N.O.' reminding La Oreja de van Gogh) and additional Spanish guitar ('Aunque no sea conmigo', 'No te cambio') and finally arrives into more contemporary latin disco territory ('Hoy', 'Lo que pensamos', 'Tú y yo')

Sahara Hotnights
What if leaving is a lovin thing
Released 23.04.2007
Courtney Pine
Released 20.01.2006

The latest outing from Swedish female four-piece resembles a new incarnation of the Bangles. This is their cleanest and best production to date. It wins with stomping rhythms and supporting piano lines. Some guitar riffs set the other strong point on this record ('The loneliest city of all', 'Cheek to cheek'). And not to forget the melodic songs ('Neon lights', 'No for an answer').
Another outstanding record by British saxophonist Courtney Pine. This is a great jazz-funk album again based on Pine's trademark sax hamonies. The slower songs here deserve particular mention since they stand out with exceptionally catchy tunes ('Southern Skandinavian Blues', 'Sunchilde', 'And then the world stood still and prayed').

The best is yet to come
Released 23.02.2007

This album really rocks. Nine self-penned songs plus cover versions of two popular 80s hits (Johnny Hates Jazz' 'Shattered dreams' and Real Life's  'Catch me I'm falling) offer an outstanding listening pleasure. The production is very clean (maybe its only weak point) and simplistic with emphasis on guitars, bass and drums.

Reviewed 09.06.2007
Current (recent releases)

Belated (older releases)
Life in cartoon motion
Released 09.02.2007
Pelkääjän paikalla
Released 29.03.2006
Very strong pop/disco record mostly based on simple piano riffs. Of course there's the obvious comparison with Scissor Sisters (especially on 'Love Today') and it also doesn't hide its influences with 'Relax' being based on Cutting Crew's 1986 hit '(I just) died in your arms'.
Second and more powerful offering by Finnish quintet Stella. All sung in their native language this guitar-driven pop record sets them along the best in the current Scandinavian music scene.

Lisa Miskovsky
Released 04.09.2006
Talk Talk
The colour of spring
Released 1986
Lisa Miskovsky third album is again produced and co-written with Joakim Berg (Kent). Stylistically and production-wise it is very close to its predecessor 'Falling water'. Alongside the singer/songwriter tracks ('Been through this', 'As daylight fades', 'Once gone, always missing') there are also the straight pop songs ('Acceptable losses', 'California heart').
This one was recorded in the 80s and has stood the test of time due to its strong compositions and the acoustic instrumentation. The album had been created during Talk Talk's transition phase after their contribution to typical 80s New Wave and before their drift into more experimental territories. It also features 'Living in another world' and the extraordinary 'Life's what you make it' based on the very same piano line throughout the entire song.

Reviewed 18.11.2006

Black holes & revelation
Released 30.06.2006
Julieta Venegas
Limón y sal
Released 06.06.2006
As currently one of the best acts in the world,  Muse underline their innovating power with their fourth record. This time they also bring in some Queen-esque vocal harmonies in 'Supermassive Black Hole' and 'Knights of Cydonia'. Great guitars, powerful drums and bass, typically Muse-esque melodies supported by synths and some catching piano lines ('Starlight', 'Map of the Problematic'). Fourth and best album to date by Mexican songstress Julieta Venegas. This consequently is her international breakthrough featuring the trademark accordion reflecting her mexican folk background. The album also features a mixture of latin rhythms and modern pop together with mostly dominant acoustic guitars and occasional synths.

Regina Spektor
Begin to hope
Released 13.06.2006
Marit Larsen
Under the surface
Released 06.03.2006
Rather innovative production featuring twelve self-penned tracks. The mostly piano-led songs benefit from sparse arragements leaving enough space for these brilliant songs to fully unfold. This is a pop record as it is supposed to be. It fully lives from the beautiful melodies and traditional arrangements.

Reviewed 18.03.2006

Carpark North
All things to all people
Released 20.1.2006

KT Tunstall
Eye to the telescope
Released 31.01.2005
A splendid mixture of music from the current Scandinavian scene made in Denmark. Think Saybia (Fireworks), Mew (Song about us), Kent (Best day), The Rasmus (Newborn) plus occasional synthesizers and call it Carpark North.
Following the extraordinary and hugely successful first single 'Black horse and the cherry tree', this album has a lot more to give. Among the 12 pop tunes and ballads are several killer tracks most of which are also released as singles.

The Like
Are you thinking what I'm thinking
Released 26.09.2005

Anna Ternheim
Somebody outside

Released 13.10.2004
Surprising debut by female three-piece from America. Despite the punk attitude, the album mainly centres on brilliant harmonies and melodies atop of guitar-oriented pop songs.
Piano-based singer/songwriter from Sweden. Starts with a bossa-nova rhythm on the first track 'To be gone' and travels through beautiful landscapes to the last track, the piano-led 'Shoreline'.

Bodies without Organs
Released 16.05.2005

Perfect cure
Released 1.4.2004
Electropop from Sweden by mastermind Alexander Bard and his latest creation. Instantly recognizable as the continuation of his last big thing Army of Lovers in the early 90s. This is not particularly innovative but absolutely great in its genre with danceable synths leads and over-the-top melodies.
This one is another pop act from Norway about to breakthough in the rest of Europe. This last album sees them somewhere between Placebo (the voice) and Depeche Mode (synths and guitars ŕ la 'Ultra'). What more to say...

Reviewed 27.11.2005
Current (recent releases)

Belated (older releases)

Red book
Released 04.11.2005

Lisa Miskovsky
Falling water
Released 22.10.2003
After a forgettable album in 2003 Texas return to the success of their hit albums 'Hush' and 'White on blonde'. 'Red Book' relies even more on  cleverely integrated synthesizer lines. This definitely is the pop record of the year.
Lisa Miskovsky's second album tingles between Swedish singer/songwriter folk music in the tradition of Sophie Zelmani and others and the melody driven pop brought in by producer and co-writer Joakim Berg (Kent).

Nerina Pallot
Released 26.07.2005

Per Gessle
Released 18.06.2003
Singer/songwriter Nerina Pallot's second effort contiuous where her 2001 debut album ended:  Eleven melodic pop songs performed with a compact band.
Per Gessle's (Roxette) 2003 solo record, again in Swedish language, is prove of his brilliant songwriting skills. This one tends more towards a singer/songwriter style but its very clever arrangements and intelligent production make it exceptional. Very big in Sweden.

Reviewed 09.07.2005

Fijación oral Vol. 1
Released 05.6.2005

Division Kent
Released 03.04. 2005
After the disappointing although relentlessly successful 'Servicio de lavandería' Shakira returns with one of her best albums. This one's entirely in Spanish again which is definitely Shakira's stronger language to transmit the proper feeling. The compositions are very melody-driven and styles range from rock and pop over to ballads and samba.
This is a new electronica project from Switzerland (ex-Swandive) starting off with a fresh 80s quotation (title track Monsterproof). The predominant female vocals are perfectly embedded in the clever compositions and electronic instrumentation featuring also guitars and some punk moments (Tango 2000, Bordello Affair). Maybe best compared to Dubstar, St. Etienne or 2raumwohnung.

Du & jag döden
Released 15.03. 2005

Venetian Snares
Rossz csillag alatt született
Released 14.03.2005
The absolute killer-tracks as on 'Vapen & ammunition' are missing here, but it's a very strong album throughout.  At times reminding Depeche Mode (Den döda vinkeln) or New Order while keeping their very own melancholic atmosphere.
This one definitely requires some openess as it is  tingling between loops of classical music and abolute hardcore breakbeat mangling. Sounds strange but if you take a careful listen, you will realize its clever intention. Venetian Snares are maybe not exactly avant-garde in what they're doing but the album is indeed very coherent.


Released 24.01.2005

Thirteen Senses
The invitation
Released 27.10.2004
After a string of rather disappointing albums this is their best in 10 years. Unlike its predecessors the album's sound has a lot more depth and the melodies do not sound as insignificant as before. While still keeping their key analogue sound of old days, they also keep up to date with current mainstream.
Thirteen Senses is basically Keane with guitars, which can only be a good thing. Very promising debut.

Reviewed 12.02.2005
Current (recent releases)

Belated (older releases)

Kurt Nilsen
A part of me
Released 29.11.2004

Dragon down
Released 13.05. 2004
Don't let the "World Idol" tag put you off, especially as he certainly didn't win the contest for nothing. Outstanding voice and 10 self-penned melodic songs make this album worth investigation.
Swedish 'electro-pop-punk' project by Lasse Lindh and Claes Björklund. Very innovative combination of synthesizers and guitars while keeping the melodies and electronic baubles, culminating the power in some really great pop songs.

Manic Street Preachers
Released 31.10.2004

Courtney Pine
Released 06.10.2003
This time not as experimental but very pop-oriented record from the Manics. Possibly not their best but one of the kind that needs several listens to catch all the melodies and deeper  beauty of the songs.
Courtney Pine is a british jazz saxophonist not afraid of the latest technologies. This is a great jazz-funk record based on Pine's saxophone lines and harmonies. Pine being in charge of production and playing all wind instruments, lots of vocal and other collaborations spice up the grooves.

Reviewed 02.10.2004
Current (recent releases)

Belated (older releases)

Finn Brothers
Everyone is here
Released 22.08.2004

Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand
Released 15.02. 2004
After Crowded House' 'Woodface' in 1991 the Finn brothers finally are together again. It's the typical Finn sound paired with their excellent songwriting skills.
Very refreshing disco beats and melodies making Franz Ferdinand standing alone on top of the early 80s punk / new wave revival in the  21st century.

Released 29.08.2004

The Mo
City heart
Released 30.04.2002

Second album by Lockstoff is much more guitar-oriented, putting the synthesizers in the background and thus it's getting closest to Travis. All lyrics are in swiss-german. As usual takes several listens tu unveil its deeper beauty.
Another 80s quotation from Sweden. Much more pop than Franz Ferdinand but the melodies are there as well.

Released 21.06.2004
Slowed down
Released 18.08.2000

Cleverly produced pop from Norway based on 60s rock but sounding very modern. At times even reminding the Beach Boys.
This is the debut album by Kemopetrol from Finland. It's got guitars, synthesizers, a great female voice, grooves, melodies, atmosperes. Just what you have been waiting for. Comparisons to Lunik and Smartship Friday are justified.

Reviewed 20.06.2004

Hopes and fears
Released 09.05.2004
The Crash
Released 01.04.2004
Piano based songs in the line of Travis and Saybia. The mostly anthem-like songs are just really great! Third album by Finnish trio The Crash. They focused their songs even more towards the eighties this time. This is the most powerful revival of guitar-synthie-pop.

Reviewed 28.02.2004
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Belated (older releases)

Esbjörn Svensson Trio
Seven days of falling
Released 20.09.2003

Weeping Willows
Into the light
Released 21.12. 2001
Refreshing new jazz from Sweden. From ballads like 'Believe, beleft, below' over uptempo jazz like 'In my garage' to funky stuff ('Mingle in the mincing-machine') they cover everything that a jazz trio (piano, bass, drums) possibly can.
Starting off with 'Touch me' sounding like a western movie soundtrack, the rest of the album remembers bands like The Smiths ('If I could see you one more time'), Rialto ('Return to me', 'Untouchable', funnily they had a song of the same name), and at times also Depeche Mode and Talk Talk. Still the album is very guitar driven.

Leona Naess
I tried to rock you but you only can roll
Released 09.10.2001

Second album by Leona Naess. This time it's harder to define her music. It's stylistically diverse built around american folk-rock. A lot of contemporary sounds, but also some 80s pop highlights (in 'Blue eyed baby' a glimpse of New Order shines through) are combined with some beautiful and powerful songs.

Reviewed 16.11.2003
Current (recent releases)

Belated (older releases)
Released 22.09.2003
Released 31.03.2003
Third and best album by Muse. They've got the sound and the power and again the classical influence is indistinguishable. They even managed with their basic setup of acoustic drums, bass and keys to create the song 'Endlessly' with a surprising electronic feel to it.
Much less guitars and much less rock than on their last album. This is certainly their must pop-oriented and arguably their most commercial release. But the melodies just won't get out of your head.

Released 08.09.2003
Sálin hans Jóns míns
Logandi ljós
Released October 2001
Lunik are getting better with every album. Here you get  11 warm pop songs built on atmospheric synthesized landscapes.
Another pop record from Iceland. Sálin hans Jóns míns convince with the meticulously matched beats, sounds, grooves and melodies which together give real beautiful results.

Land & Synir
Óđal feđranna
Released July 2003

Rock solid pop by Land & Synir from Iceland again. Guitar-based songs with great melodies and strong production.

Reviewed 29.08.2003
Current (recent releases)

Belated (older releases)
La oreja de Van Gogh
Lo que te conté mientras te hacías la dormida
Released 14.04.2003
Allt sem ég sé
Released Nov. 2002
Third and best album by Spanish hit machine La oreja de van Gogh. Fine pop tunes with a little bit of 80s synthesziers in a modern shape. Currently Iceland's biggest pop phenomenon. Melodic guitar-pop with subliminal folk influence.

Released 07.04.2003
Released 06.05.1998
Debut album from Danish band Mew. Based on strong guitar riffs they create great athmospheric songs. Paus is Peter Svenssons (Cardigans) and Joakim Bergs (Kent) side project. A very quiet album with sparse arragements. However together with beautiful melodies and the strong performances shivers are guaranteed.

Reviewed 10.03.2003
Current (recent releases)

Belated (older releases)
Pet Shop Boys
Disco 3

Released 03.02.2003

The Crash

Released 22.02.2002
Third and probably best 'Disco' album by Pet Shop Boys. This time around it does not only consist of remixes of songs from their last album 'Release', but contains 5 brilliant new songs. Standout tracks are 'Try it' (written in 1983), the remake of 'Here' (probably one of the best tracks on 'Release') plus the Genuine Piano Mix of third single 'London'. Finnish pop trio The Crash travel somewhere between punk, disco and electronica. Most recognizeable tracks are the disco-beat-driven 'Lauren caught my eye' and the powerful 'New York'.

Alice Martineau

Released 18.11.2002
Nerina Pallot
Dear frustated superstar

Released 20.08.2001
Eleven fine, well-produced pop songs. All of them are self-penned by Alice Martineau whose voice often is not too far away from Björk. Only negative point maybe is the slighly too clean production at some points. Surprising debut album by singer/songwriter Nerina Pallot. Great arrangements of simple songs with beautiful melodies and surprisingly fresh chord changes.

Poor Rich Ones
Happy happy happy

Released 09.09.2001

Second, much better album by Norwegian band Poor Rich Ones. Emotional and powerful songs, stylistically close to Saybia.

Reviewed 16.12.2002

Antenna Jay-Jay Johanson
Boy George
You can never b2 straight
Jay-Jay Johanson's new album bubbles with electronica. Of course there are the obvious singles 'On the radio', 'Déjŕ vu' and 'Automatic lover' that come as pure electropop. On the other side are some rather experimental, beat-driven songs with some retro-electro feel but nevertheless in a modern shape. And on top of this there is always this unmistakable voice adding the melodic juice. This new acoustic album stands out in that it really is an acoustic album. Mainly performed with vocals, acoustic guitar and backing vocals only, Boy George proves here what a brilliant vocalist he is. A few drums and strings bring in some spice. Six tracks here are from George's 95 album 'Cheapness & Beauty' which have been partly re-recorded, others remain in their original acoustic version.

Reviewed 24.11.2002

The second you sleep Saybia
The second you sleep

Brilliant debut of the year by danish band Saybia. If you like Coldplay you'll like this. And for sure Saybia are not any worse. You won't get these melodies out of your head!

Reviewed 21.07.2002

Vapen & ammunition
This, Kent's third international album, has only been released in Swedish language up to now. The songs are a bit "lighter" in production than on the previous album but nevertheless they have even more punch due to the melodies and fine arrangements. It's unmistakably Joakim Berg's vocal style who also wrote all the songs on the album. After their comeback two years ago A-ha return even better this time. 15 brilliant songs of finest pop.

Reviewed 21.03.2002

The Rasmus
There's only now
This is the fourth album by Finland popper 'The Rasmus'. Their music is close to the Lovebugs at their best and Lauri Ylönen's voice is somewhere between Adrian Sieber and Don Henley. This is completely-over-the-top guitar-pop with beautiful melodies and a strong production. Another pop trio from Scandinavia. Not much to say: great pop, great guitars, great melodies. Particularly stunning is the current single 'Someone new' together with Heather Nova. Like it or not.

First album by Drum'n'Bass-Trip Hop trio from Bristol. Soundscapes melt with breakbeats, and a strong female voice adds the brilliant melodies on top. What makes the difference between Kosheen and other acts is that these here are real songs and not just grooves and beats. The singles 'Catch' and 'Gone' along with 'I want it all' and 'Hungry' definitely make this album worth investigation. Lacrimosa file under 'Gothic'. However you should forget any prejudice immediately. The duo create a unique mixture between basic rock elements like guitars/drums and real orchestral compositions. Still, the songs seem exactly to be written for this purpose. Almost entirely sung in german, the voice of female singer Anne Nurmi matches perfectly with singer-writer-producer Tilo Wolff.

Daniela Mercury
Sou de qualquer lugar
22 Pistepirkko
Rally of love
Singer, songwriter and producer Daniela Mercury is back with a new album. Again she takes some new influences to her music based on traditional brazilian rhythms. This time it's some soft electronic and dance elements which add a new flavour. But it's not, as it may seem, a cheap imitation of popular styles. The great melodies and the fact that all songs are written by Daniela Mercury herself and other famous Brazilian composers makes this an authentic, popular Brazilian album.  Sounds experimental at a first listen. But after some time these songs reveal their real beauty. The Finnish trio create their very own sounds and rhythms somewhere between electronic and rock: some times very minimalistic, the other moment an over-the-top production ŕ la Phil Spector. You have to hear it.

Reviewed 12.07.2000

Kirsty MacColl
Tropical Brainstorm
Daniela Mercury
Sol da liberdade
The title is the program. If you like Latin music in a modern style, but you don't like Ricky Martin, then this is the album for you. The British singer takes many South-American influences for her new album. Rumba, Mamba, Bossa Nova and Salsa are some of the rhythms you will encounter. The album is sung in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. Daniela Mercury is a Brazilian singer and has been very succesful in her homecountry for several years. The music is based on traditional Brazilian rhythms like Bahia and Samba. For her latest album, black music like funk and jazz have found their way into the arrangments. All in all this is a fresh album, which will make you wanna dance and makes you feel as if you were in Brazil.

14.09.2007, Patrick Ramer